Why are Replacement Windows Important?

Replacement Windows

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It may be time to consider replacement windows if you’re beginning to experience higher power bills or can’t get windows to open and close properly. Hawthorn Exteriors handles installation and repair work on windows, siding, and doors.

We routinely come across homes that have one or more windows desperately in need of updating. You can count on us to fix those problems for you.

Replacement Windows & Material Selection

It’s very important to replace your windows when you notice extra air seeping into your home. Good windows can serve you very well for several decades, but nothing lasts forever.

Most modern windows come in one of three materials: wood, fiberglass, and vinyl. They each carry their own strengths and weaknesses. Usually, budget and aesthetic factors will sway homeowners one way or the other.


Wood looks great on windows and doors. It’s hard to beat the classic cedar, oak, or birchwood look. The only drawback is durability and vulnerability to the elements. Wood looks outstanding, but you need to have a game plan for thwarting moisture damage, termites, and so forth.


This is the most modern and durable material for windows (and other exterior components). These are the best for UV protection and superior energy efficiency. Fiberglass windows are typically good for at least a 40-year lifespan.


These are the most popular and budget-effective windows in St. Louis. Vinyl won’t hold up as well as fiberglass, but it gets the job done. You can count on these not to rust or corrode either.

Replacement Windows: Popular Window Styles in St. Louis

Then you have to take into consideration the finishing style. There are literally dozens of ways to do windows, spanning everything from single/double hang windows all the way to fancier arched, bay, and bow windows.

Our preferred window makers are Marvin, Pella, and ProVia. They cover the whole range of options and styles, whether you’re seeking something in wood, fiberglass, or vinyl.

Marvin fiberglass windows are some of the most durable you’ll find. Plus, that company offers pretty generous manufacturer warranties.

Pella has been in business for almost 100 years and makes all three types of windows with an emphasis on energy efficiency and complementarity with beautiful home decor. They have plenty of options, such as awning, sliding, casement, and single/double hung windows.

ProVia is the best vinyl window option. Their popular series, SunShield vinyl, has special properties that protect against sun damage as well as warping, chipping, cracking, and other problems.

Telltale Signs of Window Damage

So, how do you even know when it’s time to get your windows replaced? Generally, you should keep your eyes open for these telltale signs:

  • You want to add curb appeal to your home.
  • The noise outside is becoming unbearable, and the windows are the main culprit.
  • It’s starting to take a ton of effort to ply them open with your hands.
  • You’re noticing obvious drafts or leaks.
  • The electric bill has risen significantly in recent months/years.

That last one is a big item for many homeowners, especially in the light of higher costs on everything else. When that frustrating bill gets too high, it helps to get something new with a higher Energy-star rating. The price you pay for new windows will pay for itself in a matter of months.

Get Replacement Windows Today from Hawthorn Exteriors

Are you ready to replace the windows in your St. Louis home? Then you’re in the right spot. In addition to siding and door replacement, windows are one of our core competencies.

We get the job done correctly the first time without you having to pay for extra labor costs. You can also check out this brief video and article on what you can expect from our remodeling process. We get plenty of terrific feedback from recurring clients pleased with our workmanship and efficiency.

If you’re ready to get some replacement windows, don’t hesitate to call us soon for a free estimate.

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