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We are St Louis’ foremost expert on James Hardie Siding. Our team has trained hundreds of companies around the country on siding installation best practices.

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Re-siding your home is an excellent time to consider window replacement. Many of our projects included wood, fiberglass and vinyl replacement windows.

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Many of our customers replace their front doors along with their new siding installation. We work with some of the best door manufacturers.

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Who We Are

St Louis’ Most Experienced James Hardie Siding Remodelers

Over the last two decades, I’ve worked with thousands of homeowners and exterior contractors across the midwest to offer solutions for their home remodeling needs. I have worked directly for James Hardie and Pella Windows, as well as working for a local remodeling contractor for 12 years. Over the last 5+ years, I enjoyed working directly for James Hardie Building Products as a Regional Territory Manager to train, consult and improve hundreds of contractor businesses all across the country.

My time at James Hardie allowed me to not only become a siding and exterior remodeling expert, but gave me an insider look at how other contractors operate around the country. I’ve seen what great looks like, and I’ve seen what not so great looks like. And, sadly, the not so great seems to be the status quo. The home improvement industry has a scarred reputation, which can make selecting a contractor a scary decision. It’s easy to register a business and call yourself a contractor. Unfortunately, many of these so called “professionals” are in it for the wrong reasons and view the customer as another opportunity for a paycheck. There is a lack of innovation to learn new best practices to build extensive knowledge of quality products. We innovate with eagerness to provide a first class customer experience.

I started Hawthorn Home Exteriors because of my passion for transforming homes while increasing value. I have a proven record of success with small to large projects utilizing my ingenuity of the industry and strategic planning to eliminate stress on the homeowner.

I love this field of work and I am committed to improving the industry’s standard of excellence.

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What We Do

We Help Homeowners Like You Solve Your Exterior Remodeling Goals

Replacing the siding, windows and doors in your home is a big decision, and hopefully one you only have to make once or twice in your lifetime.

Make the right choice, and you can enjoy years of performance and beauty, along with a nice return on your investment.

Make the wrong choice, and it can mean countless headaches, poor performance, and little to no return on your largest investment.

We specialize in James Hardie Fiber Cement siding, Marvin windows, and Provia Windows and Doors. And although virtually every building product is available to us, we choose these to deliver the highest value to you. We trust them and we are confident you can as well. They are heavily tested to bring you years of performance, beauty, and a solid return on your investment.

Our Commitment To You

We Stand Behind Our Work

  • Be a knowledgeable expert in our field, but don’t be too proud to say “I don’t know”
  • No shortcuts. Do the hard work, find proper solutions and do it correctly
  • Deliver an outstanding customer experience with high level communication and clarity
  • Always do the right thing, even when it doesn’t benefit the bottom line
  • Offer best-in-class products and craftsmanship
  • Place customer needs and solutions above profits
  • Stand behind our commitment to excellence


exterior siding warranty

How We Do It

Our 5 Step Process is Easy & Stress Free

At Hawthorn Home Exteriors, we understand that although the idea of transforming your home can be exciting, the thought of undertaking an home construction project can be daunting.

So…we’ve simplified the process for you and made it nice and easy!  We take all the stressful and worrying parts of home improvement and organized them into a process.  We take the stressful parts off your plate, and provide you with the guidance you need to turn your vision into reality.

By using the best products on the market, providing professional design help with the latest technologies, and backing our work with our exclusive LIFETIME WORKMANSHIP WARRANTY in addition to product warranties provided by the manufacturers – you can rest easy from every angle of the project.  We even offer financing to make this project affordable.


Discovery & Design

We want to understand your home exterior problems, wants, needs and come up with a rational and functional plan that solves all three, within your budget and provides maximum WOW factor.


Proposal & Scheduling

You will receive a detailed proposal with full scope of work, digital design renderings with your chosen color(s) and siding textures, detailed description of products, installation, pricing and project scheduling. Zero hidden fees or smoke and mirrors.


Product Installation

During the installation of your project, our team will communicate with you daily to provide updates, the plan for the next day and answer any questions.


Cleanup & Walkthrough
Work areas fully cleaned and magnetically swept for nails. Final walk with Mark to review, answer any questions and deliver completion packet with all manufacturer warranties in place.


Love & Enjoy Your Home!

Transformation complete! Now is the time to show off your awesome upgrades to family, friends and neighbors. You’ll sleep well at night knowing that your project has been completed to the highest industry standards and is backed with a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty.

Why James Hardie Siding?

It’s the Best, Most Durable Siding material on the Market, If It’s Installed Properly!

Heat Resistance

Storm Resistance

Moisture Resistance

Pest Resistance

Woodpecker Resistance

Get a stunning exterior transformation

From the most experienced James Hardie siding installers in St Louis

What Our Clients Say

We’re so glad we contacted Hawthorn for our James Hardie siding project. Mark was great at walking through the scope of work and by providing us with a virtual design, he helped us choose a beautiful color selection for our home. We are so pleased with our job and impressed with how clearly Mark communicated with us during our project. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking to update their home.

Hawthorn Home Exteriors did an excellent job helping us select new windows for our home that had the features we wanted and were very affordable. Mark really listened to what we were looking for and wanted, within our budget. Installation was great, fast and clean. Would definitely recommend Hawthorn Home Exteriors!

When we started to look at replacing our siding, we felt uneasy and were nervous to make the investment because the vinyl options did not excite us. Hawthorn was like a breath of fresh air. We immediately felt at ease and knew that we had found an expert that would take care of us and our home from beginning to end. Our James Hardie siding is stunning and makes our house stand out on the block. We have recommended Hawthorn to all of our neighbors who stop and ask what is so different about our house. Thank you Mark and the Hawthorn team for taking such good care of us and our home.

Are You Interested in Financing?

We’ve Have Financing Options For You!

Get the answers you need

Become an educated buyer to get the best resultss for your goals & budget

Does Hawthorn Home Exteriors offer vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding become a popular option throughout the 90’s and 2000’s for two simple reasons. 1. It was a cheap alternative to wood siding and 2. Offered lower maintenance costs that wood siding. Unfortunately that is where the benefits end. Vinyl is highly prone to fading, especially in darker colors and does not perform well in extreme weather changes, like we have in St. Louis. The return on investment is typically low with vinyl siding as well because it is a known commodity product. Vinyl also has a very basic and “entry level” appearance to it. We prefer James Hardie Siding products that are durable, have a rich long lasting finish and have a proven track record for high performance and return on your investment.

What benefits will new siding offer me?

Aside from transforming the look of your home, new siding can offer many benefits. James Hardie Siding is an excellent moisture management system. We get a lot of humidity, mold and mildew and James Hardie acts as a sealed system on your home. It allows the moisture from the inside to escape but does not allow it to enter and get trapped in the walls, which is what creates mold and rotting of the building structure. 

What is House wrap and do I need it?

Tyvek has long been the Kleenex brand for house wrap and it has become a critical component to your exterior wall performance. Until the last few years, house wrap was not required in residential building codes and most of the homes we work on that were built in the 90’s and earlier have no house wrap or weather barrier installed, which can cause a lot of mold and rotting to the wall sheathing and framing. The concept behind a good house wrap or weather barrier is that it allows the moisture to escape your home but does not allow it to enter. We install a high performance weather barrier (house wrap) on EVERY project to ensure your home is protected and performs like it should. 

Why do so many siding contractors have a bad reputation?

In short, lack of communication. Many contractors are designed to be sales organizations, sell sell sell and keep selling. There tends to be very little thought put into the customer once the contract is signed. This also extends into the installation phase, which is one of the most important and complex components of the relationship between you and your contractor. We recognize that you don’t replace your siding or windows often and want you to feel at ease throughout the process. We communicate with our customers every day while we are working on your home. Not just at contract signing and final payment collection. We work hard so that replacing your siding and windows can be enjoyable, not stressful. 

Do you offer financing?

Yes! We have partnered with multiple companies to provide you with easy financing options, such as 18 months Same-As-Cash and longer, equal payment terms. 

Should I replace my siding or windows first?

Replacing siding and windows at the same time is an excellent idea. It is typically best to replace your windows first and then the siding. We like going in this order because we can ensure an excellent, water and air tight seal around the exterior perimeter of the windows before installing the new siding and trim.

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