What is the ROI For a Re-Side and Can I Get Financing for Home Siding?

financing for home siding

Getting financing for home siding and making that investment is worthwhile because most siding replacement offers an ROI. I have 68%. We understand that a siding replacement is a considerable cost, so we offer financing options to get you the siding you need now and not in 2 years. We also want our clients to […]

What Questions Should You Ask a Saint Louis Siding Company Before Signing a Contract?

saint louis siding company

Homeowners often underestimate the importance of the Saint Louis siding company they use for their exterior home renovation project. A professional siding specialist means the difference between a high-performance and beautiful siding project and mediocre results. Replacing the siding on your home is a considerable investment. You want to ensure you pick the right company […]

What is an Exterior Siding Punch List and Walkthrough?

exterior siding

So many details go into an exterior siding project that small details can get overlooked. That is why contractors use a punch list. The punch list is a list of tasks that need to be completed before the project is considered finished. They include requests from the homeowners and the crew. The punch list and […]

What Does a Professional Siding Installation Process Look Like?

professional siding installation process

A professional siding installation process is one of the most vital components of any siding replacement project. You can have a quality siding product, but it is only as good as the team that installs it. James Hardie siding, in particular, requires specialist equipment and hands-on experience for a successful installation. A professional siding installation […]

What Does a Professional Siding Design and Proposal Process Entail?

professional siding design

When preparing for a siding replacement, you want to find a company that offers professional siding design and a detailed and transparent proposal process. When the proposal is vague, it confuses homeowners and can lead to hidden, unexpected costs. A professional company will give you all the details upfront and communicate any changes with you. […]

What Siding Colors and Types are Popular in the Market?

siding colors and types

With a wide range of siding colors and types to choose from, you can customize your home. Gone are the days of white or tan houses unless that is your preference. Now, there are exciting colors and siding styles that you can mix and match to create a beautiful home exterior. We love James Hardie […]

How Do You Plan and Budget for New Siding Installation?

new siding installation

A new siding installation is an exciting but nerve-wracking undertaking. Each home and homeowner is unique, which means contractors have a tough time giving you an accurate price off the top of their heads. A professional contractor will give you all the necessary information and offer a detailed proposal to help you plan and budget […]