What is Hawthorn’s Exterior Remodeling Process?

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When it comes to having your home’s siding replaced, we understand this is something that you will probably only have done once or twice in your lifetime, so it’s crucial that you are satisfied from your initial contact with us, all the way through completion of the project. Here’s what you can expect to experience when you trust Hawthorn Home Exteriors with your home’s exterior remodeling process.

Your First Call or Email

The first step in working with us is to get in contact with us. You can do this either by calling our location in the St. Louis, MO area or you can fill out the quote request form on our website. We always offer a prompt response. Phone calls are returned right away, and those that request a quote online can expect a call back within an hour.

Schedule a Consultation

Once we get in contact with you, we will discuss your availability so we can schedule your initial consultation, where we come out to your home to see what we’re working with. This consultation includes a thorough walk-through of the exterior of your home, which allows us to give you a detailed plan and quote for the total cost for the exterior remodeling process. Once we’ve spent the time walking around the outside of your home and have discussed exactly what it is that you are looking for, we are able to use modern design software to make a plan.

Exterior Remodeling Process Plan

Using the design technology, we can make a digital rendering of the exterior of your home, allowing us to give you a visual design, showing all of your design options. This is a great tool because it lets us give you a detailed and accurate estimate of the overall cost of your remodel process. There is always a chance that unknown problems will arise, such as finding mold when we remove the existing siding, but we try to give an estimate that includes common issues.

Communication is Key

When you’re trusting someone to remodel the exterior of your home, it’s important that the team handling the job communicates with you regularly. As the homeowner, you deserve to be kept in the loop on all of the happenings, especially if any issues arise. One of the things that we promise is that if we run into a problem, we will stop what we’re doing and get in contact with you immediately. In most situations, there are a few potential solutions, so we want to make sure to tell you what the problem is and give you your options so you can make an informed decision

Not only do we contact you if there are any issues, but we also make sure to touch base daily, keeping you up to date on the progress that was made that day, as well as telling you what our plan is for the next day. We want to make sure that homeowners are comfortable with everything we’re doing because it is their home, not ours. The most important thing to us is that you are happy and satisfied.

Start Your Exterior Remodeling Process

At Hawthorn Home Exteriors, our main goal is to make sure our customers are happy and excited about their remodel. You can reach out to schedule your consultation by phone or by filling out the form on our website. Either way, we will be in contact with you quickly so that you can get a quote for your exterior remodeling process and get the project started.

Mark Moore

Mark Moore

Founder & CEO