How to Install Hardie Board Siding (2024 Guide)

hardie board siding

Hardie board siding is a top choice for homeowners looking to upgrade their home’s exterior with a durable and stylish solution. Renowned for its resilience against the elements and its timeless aesthetic appeal, Hardie board siding offers a low-maintenance, long-lasting option that enhances curb appeal. By following these steps, you’ll be well-equipped to install Hardie […]

How to Install Replacement Windows

install replacement windows

Window replacement can be challenging, but with the right tools and guidance, you can achieve a professional result. Whether you’re looking to improve energy efficiency or update the look of your home, knowing how to install replacement windows is a valuable skill. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the entire process, step by step, […]

How to Clean James Hardie Siding: A Step-by-Step Guide

clean james hardie siding

James Hardie siding is one of the most popular choices for home siding, known for its durability and aesthetic appeal. However, like all exteriors, it requires regular cleaning to maintain its beauty and longevity. In this guide, we’ll take you through the process to clean James Hardie siding efficiently and effectively. Why is Regular Cleaning […]

How to Measure an Exterior Door for Replacement

measure an exterior door for replacement

Replacing an exterior door can be a transformative home improvement project, adding both aesthetic appeal and security to your home. However, to ensure a perfect fit and seamless installation, accurately measuring your door is crucial. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process to measure an exterior door for replacement. Follow these instructions […]

How to Make Your Front Door More Secure

front door more secure

Making your front door more secure is a crucial step in ensuring the overall safety of your home. As the primary entrance point, the front door is often a target for potential intruders. A combination of robust materials, strategic reinforcements, and advanced security features can significantly bolster its defenses, offering you and your family added […]

Should I DIY or Hire a Professional to Install My New Door?

install my new door

When the time comes to install a new door in your home, the inevitable question arises: should you wield the tools yourself or call in a professional? The decision, often swayed by budgetary considerations, the allure of DIY, and trust in expertise, isn’t always straightforward. This guide unpacks the various facets of this common homeowner […]

The Pros and Cons of Fiberglass Doors for Your St. Louis Home

pros and cons of fiberglass doors

Understanding the pros and cons of fiberglass doors can reveal a world of solutions tailored to common homeowner needs. With their unique composition and innovative features, fiberglass doors have made significant inroads in recent years. Especially for homes in St. Louis, where varied weather conditions can take a toll on exterior fixtures, understanding the benefits […]

What are the Best Financing Options for Siding Replacement?

financing options for siding replacement

When it comes to improving your home with a siding replacement project, securing the best financing options is paramount. This endeavor isn’t just about enhancing your home’s appearance; it’s a significant investment in its structural integrity and long-term value. Choosing the right financing option is crucial to ensure the process is seamless and stress-free. Fortunately, […]

How Do I Determine the Quality of a Wood Door?

quality of a wood door

Choosing the right wood door for your home involves more than just aesthetics; it’s about quality and durability, especially in climates that challenge the integrity of solid wood. In this guide, we’ll explore the common problems with traditional solid wood doors, introduce the advantages of engineered core doors, and provide essential tips on how to […]

Is It Safe to Have a Front Door With Glass?

front door with glass

When it comes to home security, the front door plays a pivotal role as the primary entry point. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in front doors with glass panels, offering a contemporary and inviting aesthetic. However, some may question the safety and security of opting for a front door with glass. […]