Is Your Home Ready for New Siding?

new home siding

Putting new siding on your home is a process you should go through once or twice, making it a significant investment. You may have noticed that your siding is beginning to deteriorate, which means it is time for a replacement. But it’s possible that you also want to add value to your home and increase […]

Why We Wrote a Book for Saint Louis Homeowners

saint louis homeowners

Replacing your siding is a significant investment in your home, and unfortunately, there needs to be more reliable data for Saint Louis homeowners. With 18 years of industry experience, I wrote a book filled with reliable information and helpful hints so you can get the most out of your siding remodel project. We Literally Wrote […]

Does James Hardie Siding Add Value To My St. Louis Home?

james hardie siding

An exterior remodel is a big undertaking, and you may be considering siding options like James Hardie siding. We work with Hardie siding daily and can say with 100% certainty that it is the best siding material if you want to add value to your St. Louis home. From curb appeal to lower insurance premiums, […]

Is Vinyl Siding a Good Investment?⁣

vinyl siding

Is vinyl siding a good investment for your home in St. Louis? We’re going to examine the value of adding new vinyl as a replacement siding option for existing homes. It’s not the worst home improvement you can make, but Hawthorn Home Exteriors would like to show why you can get a better value with […]

What Home Siding Styles are there to Consider?

home siding styles

Home siding styles have come a long way in recent decades because of competition among material manufacturers who try to produce the most durable, appealing, and affordable siding. We want to explain those styles, identify which ones we like best, and persuade you to utilize our expert services whenever you’re ready to replace your siding. […]

What Signs Suggest You Need a St. Louis Siding Replacement?

st. louis siding replacement

If you’ve noticed the worst signs of siding failure, then you need the service of Hawthorn Home Exteriors, the premier St. Louis siding replacement company. Holes, loose boards, higher energy costs, and faded paint are just some symptoms of deteriorating siding. It’s time for you to put an end to these problems once and for […]

Is It Expensive To Replace Your Home Siding?

replace your home siding

What are the cost considerations you can expect when you decide to replace your home siding? The primary factors are the size of your home (including its shape and complexity), the materials you select, and labor costs. Hawthorn specializes in premium siding installation, but we do it at the most competitive labor rates. Let’s look […]

⁣⁣What Siding Colors Should You Consider When Replacing Your Siding?⁣

siding colors

Would you like to invigorate your home’s exterior prestige by making your siding colors match the rest of your home? Many homeowners are doing this because attention to detail makes a tremendous difference in curb appeal. We’ll show you some of the best color options for James Hardie Siding, and how you can use them […]

What Questions Should You Ask Before Hiring a Home Siding Contractor?⁣

home siding contractor st louis

You should carefully research your options before selecting a home siding contractor. This is good advice for any home renovation, whether you’re looking to add new siding, doors, windows, or anything else. Those are expensive tasks, not the most DIY-friendly, and, therefore, require the help of a professional. With all that in mind, let’s go […]

How Can You Extend Your James Hardie Siding’s Lifespan⁣?

james hardie siding's lifespan

There are a few factors that allow you to extend your James Hardie Siding’s lifespan. This is the best material on the market in our opinion. Like everything else, however, there are ways to get a better bang for your buck with durable fiber-cement siding. Basic Expectations on How Long James Hardie Siding Lasts We’ve […]