When is the Best Time of Year to Replace Your Windows?

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There are many reasons to replace your windows, such as aesthetics, insulation, or security. But a window replacement can come with challenges, particularly if replacing more than one window.

You can have a window replacement done at any time of the year, as each has pros and cons to consider. The right contracting company will offer solid advice on the type of window that might suit your home and the best time to replace it.

Consider Why You Need To Replace Your Windows

Before deciding when to have a window replacement, you need to consider why you are replacing your windows.


Suppose you have a broken window pane, compromised window frame, or latch system. In that case, that is a security risk and should be replaced immediately. Regardless of the season, a damaged window threatens you and your family, and you should take care of that as soon as possible.

When you use a professional contracting company, they can take steps to mitigate the effects of the weather on your home while they do your window replacement.


The windows in your home are a vital part of your insulation system. If they are not functioning effectively, your home’s insulation will be compromised.

If only one window is drafty, a simple window replacement will do. But if the windows in your home are 20 years old and failing, a full window replacement of multiple windows is best.


Window styles change, and you may want to update the look of your home. If you want a window replacement to increase your curb appeal, you will probably replace most of the windows in your home.

Because there is no real urgency to replace your windows purely for aesthetics, you can choose the time of year that suits you best.

Spring is a Popular Time for Window Replacements

Contracting companies do lots of window replacements in spring. This is often because people have noticed issues with their windows over winter and want to take advantage of replacing them while the weather is mild.

Because spring is popular, it also means that window replacement prices are higher, and you might need to wait longer as contracting companies are very busy.

Spring is also a season filled with beautiful blooms but these mean pollen. So, if you have allergies, a spring window replacement might not work.

You Can Replace Your Windows All Year Round

When you choose a professional contracting company, you can replace your windows all year round. They will help you understand the pros and cons of each season and work hard to mitigate any discomfort you may feel while they are busy with your window replacement.

Winter window installations can be tricky as they affect your home’s insulation. Still, it is necessary if you have noticed a security issue with your windows.

To ensure that you stay comfortable during a winter window replacement, you can:

  • Keep the door to the room closed.
  • Install one window at a time.
  • Use a temporary wall.

Late spring and early summer work well if you want to replace many windows, as the weather is mild. But, as you get into the summer, St. Louis experiences big storms that can delay the process.

With our cold, damp winters, it’s important to assess your windows in spring, summer, and fall to repair any issues before winter sets in.

Why Hawthorn Home Exteriors is Your Go-To for Window Replacements in St. Louis

At Hawthorn Home Exteriors, we work hard to ensure that our clients are confident, comfortable, and informed throughout the entire window replacement process.

That means we will discuss which time of year suits you best and offer advice based on the needs of your project.

So, if you need to replace your windows, contact us for a free estimate and some pro tips on what time of year would suit your project best.

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Mark Moore

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