What Signs Suggest You’re Due For a St. Louis Window Replacement⁣?

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In addition to all our reliable siding work, Hawthorn Home Exteriors is the best St. Louis window replacement company because of our fast and effective service. Do you know the telltale signs that your windows have hit the skids, and need replacing? We’d like to help you identify when it’s time to hire a professional to install beautiful, energy-efficient windows for your home.

Top Signs It’s Time for a Window Replacement

Smart homeowners will keep a watchful eye for these signs of worn-out or outdated windows.

  1. The seals on your windows have broken or become compromised. This will lead to major energy inefficiency since it allows lots of air to intrude into your home. Don’t forget that this could be anywhere, including windows along the front door, in your basement, or attic.
  2. You notice a lot of condensation on the glass. This is less likely to occur if you purchase premium windows with reinforced glass, but among standard ones, the condensation or dripping means your windows have seen better days.
  3. Has it gotten noisy coming from outside of your home? If the window panel looks worn, then you’re looking at permanent disrepair, which will require a new window.
  4. Your window becomes extremely difficult to open and close, even for a strong person. Once again, this indicates a broken window pane or damage to some other component.
  5. Perhaps you just want to try something new to jazz up your home. There are so many gorgeous window designs nowadays. In the next section, we’ll show you a few of our favorite brands that will boost your home’s curb appeal.

St. Louis Window Replacement Options

Once you know you have a window problem, the next step is to select a style and brand that will match your St. Louis home. Yes, we can confidently say that some window brands are more common around our neck of the woods. That’s why we recommend the ones with the best track record in this area.

  • Pella
    Pella covers an extensive array of window styles and materials, including very elegant renditions of classic wooden windows. They have something that can match any budget for middle-class and upper-class homes in St. Louis.
  • Marvin
    This is our favorite brand for fiberglass windows. If you made the wise choice to upgrade your siding with fiber-cement siding from James Hardie, then this is another logical extension. Synthetic materials have tremendous durability and aesthetic appeal, particularly in the higher-end neighborhoods of St. Louis.
  • ProVia
    We don’t normally spend much time promoting vinyl brands, but it is popular around here and pretty cost-effective for windows. ProVia is the best vinyl brand, and we recommend matching their windows with their outstanding door options.

Why Is It a Big Deal to Replace Your Windows?

It’s very important to replace old windows because old windows inevitably force you to incur exorbitant power bills. The summers and winters are pretty intense in St. Louis. Think about what it’s like if you had to heat and air conditioner your home with tons of air coming in through leaky windows.

It’s a devastating problem when you factor in how expensive utilities have already gotten with the increases in gasoline costs. Energy issues alone are enough to consider an upgrade on your windows, doors, or siding for essentially the same reason. When these exterior components deteriorate, cold/hot enters your home and puts a ton of pressure on your HVAC system.

St. Louis Window Replacement with Hawthorn Home Exteriors

Windows can make or break your home regarding aesthetics, weather protection, and more. That’s why you should always call a professional contractor to handle the installation process. Hawthorn has a team of skilled tradesmen who will arrive on time, seal windows correctly the first time, and do it as quickly as possible.

We’re fully accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and have combined decades of experience troubleshooting windows, siding, and doors.

Contact Hawthorn Home Exteriors for outstanding St. Louis window replacement options.

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