What Should You Expect to See in Home Siding Cost Estimates and Contracts?

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When you’re ready to take the steps towards upgrading your home’s siding, one of the first things that you’ll do is request estimates from local contractors and siding companies. Many of these companies that you’ll get in contact with providing a pretty vague loose estimate on the services they expect to provide and the estimated cost, but here at Hawthorn Home Exteriors, we want to ensure that you know exactly what to expect before you sign anything. 

Detailed Breakdown of Home Siding Cost

If you’ve ever gotten an estimate from a contractor for any home improvement project, chances are you were provided with a price breakdown that is fairly vague and may leave you with more questions than answers. Clear details on how much your siding replacement will cost are very important. Most homeowners are working with a strict budget that they can’t stray too far from, so we want to ensure you receive an estimate that is as close to the true total as possible.

Walk-Through to Get Full Details for Your Estimated Home Siding Cost Estimate

The first step in our process for providing you with a home siding cost estimate is to come out to your home so we can do a detailed walkthrough of the exterior of the house with you right by our side so we can decide together what steps need to be taken to give you the siding upgrade of your dreams. This allows you to point out specific areas that you may or may not want us to work on.

With this walk-through, it allows us to make an extremely detailed, line-by-line plan, outlining everything we expect to do. You won’t have to worry that the final cost is going to vary too much from the original estimate. Quotes from other companies don’t always include a walk-through, so you often are given a generic quote without much specificity.


Unexpected costs do pop up on occasion, but our quotes do account for this possibility. There is always the chance that we will run into problems once we remove your existing siding. The most common surprise issue is mold, but pests could potentially be found at this point, too. We always include an “Unknowns” category so you have an idea of the extra cost that would be involved if a problem arises. If we come across mold, we get in contact with the homeowners immediately so we can come up with a game plan together so we can move forward.

Satisfaction is Important

When you receive a quote from many siding companies, it states that your services are to be paid in full upon reasonable completion, which is fairly vague. To us, customer satisfaction is crucial, and we want to make sure you as the homeowner are happy with the results every step of the way. This means that we are going to stay in contact with you throughout the entire process. It’s always best if you can be on-site to see the progress, but even if you aren’t able to be there, we will call and give a status update so you’re aware of the progress.

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If you are ready to take the next steps towards having the home of your dreams, reach out to Hawthorn Home Exteriors to get the ball rolling on your siding replacement quote. Homeowners in St. Louis and the surrounding areas have been using Hawthorne for years and love that we give a detailed home siding cost estimate for every homeowner.

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Mark Moore

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