What Questions Should You Ask Before Hiring a St. Louis Window Installation Company⁣?

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Hawthorn Home Exteriors would like to offer our services as the best St. Louis Window Installation Company⁣. With rising energy costs, now is the time to insulate and protect your house from the elements. We’ll show you why that’s important and go over some important questions to ask your service technician before hiring them for window replacement.

Best Questions to Ask The Window Installation Technician

  1. What are the most common window frame materials?
    Today’s windows come from many natural and synthetic materials, but the most common are wood, vinyl, and fiberglass. Wood has a nice traditional appearance, but you have to contend with moisture issues, whereas vinyl is an affordable choice if your budget is tight. The most heavy-duty and secure option is fiberglass, which is the same class of material you would find in fiber-cement siding.
  2. Can you show me the popular window styles for homes in St. Louis?
    It depends so much on the architecture of your home, but many St. Louis residents are fond of arch-style windows, double-hung windows, and water-resistant awning windows. Bay windows are another popular window upgrade because they create a bay area on the inside of a window that lets more light into your home.
  3. Should I go for a premium brand like Pella?
    Many homeowners opt for more expensive window brands because they have longer lifespans, come in dozens of customizable designs, and have great warranty coverage. Pella, for instance, has been in business for almost 100 years, makes exquisite, top-of-the-line windows, and offers numerous wood, vinyl, and fiberglass framing options.

The Value of Hiring a Professional St. Louis Window Installation Company⁣

Perhaps the more fundamental question is “why are replacement windows important?” It’s not as expensive as replacing a roof or siding, but it’s a significant project, which means you have the right to a worthwhile return on investment. These are a few reasons to replace old windows.

  • Improve your home’s energy efficiency with windows that don’t let in all the cold or hot air.
  • Make things safer for your family with premium windows that are hard to break and enter.
  • Reduce or eliminate the outside noise that permeates through your old windows.
  • Increase your exterior curb appeal and overall home value with beautiful windows.
  • Allow more radiant sunlight to enter your home with unique amenities like bay/bow windows.

These are just a few advantages to upgrading your windows. Now, let’s check out some other worthwhile exterior projects.

Other Great Ways to Insulate & Beautify Your Home

Hawthorn Home Exteriors specializes in two other terrific ways to modernize your home exterior: replacement siding and replacement doors.

We’re the area’s most qualified installation company for James Hardie Siding, which is popular all over the country for its aesthetic value, durability, fire resistance, and overall consistency. Also, if you want to eliminate holes in your siding or problems with mold or mildew, then James Hardie Siding is the best route.

Door replacement is another important task that some homeowners overlook. You can lose lots of money, by overworking your HVAC, just because you have poor sealing around old windows or doors. We recommend replacing your doors whenever they show obvious signs of damage like warping, dents, wood rot, or deep scratches, or if they become difficult to open and close.

Hawthorn Home Exteriors: The Most Trusted St. Louis Window Installation Company⁣

Hawthorn Home Exteriors has earned the reputation as the fast and most reliable window replacement crew in St. Louis. Whether you choose to upgrade your home with single/double windows, bay/bow windows, or any other style, we’ll be happy to put them together for you.

We have good-standing membership with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as well as plenty of testimonial feedback from satisfied clients throughout the metro area. We possess all the important licensing, bonding, and certification to install any kind of windows, siding, and doors.

Contact us today for outstanding service from the best St. Louis window installation company.

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