What is an Exterior Siding Punch List and Walkthrough?

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So many details go into an exterior siding project that small details can get overlooked. That is why contractors use a punch list.

The punch list is a list of tasks that need to be completed before the project is considered finished. They include requests from the homeowners and the crew.

The punch list and walkthrough allow contractors to double-check that they have completed the project to a high standard that meets the homeowner’s expectations.

A punch list is a vital step in any home renovation project and all of the best siding contractors in St Louis will provide you with a project completion walkthrough. That should make you, as a homeowner, feel secure in knowing that your project will be 100% complete before you make your final payment.

What Could Be On an Exterior Siding Punch List?

Historically, contractors would physically punch a hole next to each item on the punch list at the end of the project, hence the name.

Contractors add to the project’s punch list and include homeowners’ requests.

Here are some items that may be on your exterior siding punch list:

  • Wiping down the siding boards to remove any dust from installation.
  • Checking the caulking, particularly around windows, to ensure they are watertight.
  • Paint touch-ups from damage during installation.
  • Covering nail holes.
  • Securing light covers.
  • Attaching hardware.
  • Searching for loose nails.
  • Cleaning up the job site.

Creating a Punch List

A punch list is a working document that helps keep contractors and their crews on track. The contractor will often brainstorm with their team and put together a master list of final touches to your siding installation project.

Each item on the punch list will be prioritized based on its importance and the job size. Punch list items may be allocated to specific crew members to ensure everything is completed.

Your contractor will review the punch list with you during your final walkthrough so that you can see that all the small but important details have been covered. The punch list is particularly important if there have been mid-project change orders requiring details that weren’t in the original proposal.

Benefits of a Punch List

The punch list can be a daunting prospect for a contractor and crew, but it has many benefits that ensure a top-quality project.

  1. It helps wrap up the project and ensures everyone is happy with the work done.
  2. It ensures customer satisfaction, which should be the end goal of any exterior siding project.
  3. The final payment will only be released once the punch list is complete, so a comprehensive and complete punch list is vital.
  4. It saves you time and contractors money because they won’twon’t have to go back to complete last-minute repairs once the project is finished.
  5. A comprehensive punch list allows for transparency and accountability, which any professional contracting company values.

Hawthorn’s Approach to Punch Lists

The key to a good punch list is communication, which is what Hawthorn is about.

We will only move on to the next project once your punch list is complete. We encourage our customers to do regular walkarounds and communicate any concerns. We are experts, and our crews are the best in class, but we are also human. That means small things sometimes get missed, which is why a punch list is crucial.

We don’t dread the punch list process because if we’ve done our job right, there are no surprises on that list. Instead, it allows us to double-check our work quality and ensure that the homeowners are 100% happy with their projects.

Trust the Experts with your Exterior Siding

At Hawthorn, we strive for excellence and a client-centered approach from the initial consultation to our final walkthrough. We enjoy the punch list process because it lets us finish a project with peace of mind and shows the homeowners a project we are proud of.

If you need an exterior siding replacement, contact us for an appointment where we can answer all of your questions.

Mark Moore

Mark Moore

Founder & CEO