How to Prepare Your St. Louis Home for Window Replacement

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Embarking on a window replacement project can be exciting but also daunting. Whether you are replacing one window, one floor, or your whole home, having contractors in your space can be unsettling.

Choosing the right remodeling company is the first step in preparing your home for a window replacement. You want a company that uses a high-end product, has a solid installation process, and puts your and your family’s comfort first.

A professional contractor will give you some advice to prepare for the process so here are our hints and tips to help make the remodeling process easier.

Your Prep Depends on the Type of Window Replacement

The preparation you need to undertake for a window replacement project will depend on the extent of the project.

If you are replacing one or two windows, then your contractor will probably use a pocket window installation method. This is a quick process and less messy. They will remove the old window from the frame and place your new custom window into the existing frame.

If you are replacing multiple windows or changing the size or style, your contracting company will use a full-frame window installation method. This is a more extensive process because it involves removing the interior and exterior trim and possibly some of your siding.

Make Your Space for Safe Work

One of the simplest and most obvious ways that you can prepare your space for a window installation is to clear the area around the window.

This involves:

  • Taking down window coverings.
  • Removing artwork and shelving.
  • Clearing knickknacks, photos, or plants on the windowsill.
  • If you have furniture or pot plants near the window, move them out of the way.

Not only will this keep your things safe, but it will also give your contractors the space they need to work quickly, efficiently, and safely.

It’s a good idea to clear the area inside your home but also outside your home.

  • Trim shrubbery if there is a garden beneath the window.
  • Ensure that any pots, furniture, or debris are removed.

This will allow the installation team to work more efficiently and also keep your siding safe.

Protect Your Home

A professional company will do its best to minimize mess and damage to your home, but there are definitely things you can do to help.

  • You can use plastic sheets, canvas, and old blankets to protect your floors around the window.
  • You can also use sheets and blankets to cover any furniture you can’t remove from the room to prevent them from getting dusty.
  • If you are replacing multiple windows in a room, it might be worth moving all your furniture out and storing it somewhere safe. The garage, a spare bedroom, or a storage unit are good options.

Find the Best Time

It’s also important to find the best time to replace your windows. Ideally, someone should be at home to answer any questions that contractors have and allow them access to your property.

If you have pets, keeping them away from the work area is a good idea. This is for their protection and the safety of the installation team. The same applies to children. Your kids may be curious about the process, but having them around unsupervised can be dangerous.

Before you start your window installation, you should consider your schedule, the season, and the urgency of the replacement.

Call the Professionals for Your Window Replacement

At Hawthorn, it is essential that our clients have a great experience from the first phone call to the end of the project.

We know that for a home remodel to run smoothly, communication is key. That is why we will take out time to answer questions and give our clients all the information they need to feel confident in their window installation project.

If you have a window replacement coming up and would like to know more about the process or how best to prepare for it, contact us, and we will happily chat through our process.

Mark Moore

Mark Moore

Founder & CEO