Why We Wrote a Book for Saint Louis Homeowners

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Replacing your siding is a significant investment in your home, and unfortunately, there needs to be more reliable data for Saint Louis homeowners.

With 18 years of industry experience, I wrote a book filled with reliable information and helpful hints so you can get the most out of your siding remodel project.

We Literally Wrote the Book on Siding for Saint Louis Homeowners

You replace the siding on your home once, maybe twice in a lifetime, which means you want to get it right.

As a homeowner, you may need more knowledge to understand what a professional siding remodel looks like. That is why I wrote the book.

There’s so much mixed and false information on the internet which can create a lot of fear and anxiety for homeowners as they begin the siding replacement process. There’s so much information on other topics but not a lot of good data regarding replacing your siding.

It was essential to put together a body of work that gives homeowners valuable tips like:

Our Step-By-Step Guide to the Siding Replacement Process

Siding replacement is more than just the completed project, and so many details go into making a remodeling project a success.

The book delves into all the aspects of your siding replacement, and here are a few of the areas it covers:

  • Where to find a contractor and what qualities to look for initially
  • Installation and the important points to consider
  • Budgeting

Hawthorn’s Process

Our process is straightforward and based on communication and transparency.

You can contact us to make an appointment, and I will personally walk through your home with you and discuss the project. In addition, we will cover the scope, budget, products, and financing options.

This is a completely pressure-free appointment designed to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about how to move forward with your remodel.

After our initial consultation, we will create a 3D rendering of your home so you can see what the finished remodel will look like. You also get a line-by-line proposal that breaks down everything you need to know with no hidden costs.

Any professional contractor should be happy to spend time with you as you decide on the critical points of your project.

We Want Saint Louis Homeowners to Make the Right Choice for their Project

Taking on a home remodeling project is a considerable investment. We would hate for potential clients to have a nightmare remodel experience.

When replacing your siding, you want to invest the money once. We hate hearing stories of Saint Louis homeowners who have to reinvest because of a poor-quality installation five years later.

At Hawthorn, we give clients as much information as possible so they can make an informed decision about their contractor, the product, and the budget.

At Hawthorn, We Specialize in Siding Replacement

In our industry, many generalist contractors say they can get the job done. And they probably can. But the question is the quality of the job.

At Hawthorn, we specialize in James Hardie siding, a process in which we are completely confident. We recommend finding a specialist contractor in the book because you want the best of the best when it comes to siding replacement.

Our job is to give Saint Louis homeowners all the information they need and a first-class experience, so contact us if you want to find out more about our remodeling services.

Mark Moore

Mark Moore

Founder & CEO