Why is James Hardie Siding The Best Choice for Fiber Cement Siding?

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When it comes to siding your home, you want to ensure you’re trusting a reliable company that uses the best products available for the job at hand. For years, the popular choice for siding in the St. Louis area has been Masonite, due to the affordability and lightweight material, but this comes with several drawbacks, including a fairly short life due to the humid climate of the region.

Ever since the mid-1980s, James Hardie Siding has been installing fiber cement siding on homes. This allows homeowners to enjoy the look of their siding for many more years, thanks to the durability and resistance to moisture. But what makes our fiber cement siding the best choice for your siding needs? Let’s take a closer look.

What is Fiber Cement Siding

Engineered pressed paper siding, better known as masonite, is a thing of the past thanks to our company’s ingenuity. Developed in the 1980s, fiber cement siding was created with the climate of the St. Louis region in mind. It is made from water, Portland cement, sand, and pulverized wood fibers.

Why is This Siding a Better Alternative to Masonite?

Fiber cement siding is a fantastic alternative to masonite for several reasons, the main one being that it withstands humidity much better. Because masonite is made with pressed paper, it absorbs moisture much more easily, which can lead to damage to the siding, as well as mold between the siding and the home. Fiber cement siding was designed to wick moisture away from the home, keeping your walls in much better condition than alternative types of siding.

Where Are The Materials From?

All of the materials that are included in our siding are from the United States. The St. Louis market receives all of its materials from a plant about 4-hours north in Illinois. Many siding companies outsource their color and finish, but we handle the development of the color finish in-house, allowing us to provide the warranty on both the siding and the finish.

Why You Should Choose Siding From James Hardie

While the formula was developed in the mid-1980s, we haven’t stopped working on ways to improve our siding formula over the years. Currently, we are on the 7th generation of advancement and don’t plan on stopping. When you have James Hardie siding installed, you know that your home will be covered in the best of the best.

While you want to ensure that the siding is high-quality, the aesthetics are equally important. Featured in magazines and on HGTV, our fiber cement siding has a beautiful color finish that is guaranteed to last and it mimics real wood beautifully. When you decide to work with us, your dream home is just weeks away.

How Safe is the Fiber Cement Siding From James Hardie Siding?

When you choose to work with the professionals at James Hardie Siding, you can take comfort in knowing that the siding that they are installing on your home is going to be safe for every member of the family, no matter how old or young. It was developed without any harmful products, especially asbestos. Several studies have been done to test the materials and ensure that it is completely safe.

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