Which Type of Door Lock Should I Use?

type of door lock

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Your front door is a vital part of your home security, and the type of door lock you choose can offer added peace of mind.

The world of locks and latches can seem daunting, but a professional remodeling company will help you make the best choice for your home.

Whether you want simple and secure or technologically advanced, a door lock system exists for you.

How to Choose the Best Type of Door Lock for Your Home

With so many options, choosing the type of door lock for your door replacement can be tricky. Therefore, you need to consider your lifestyle and your security needs.

Some locks offer a classic aesthetic, while others are much more modern. You should consider your home and front door style when choosing your lock system.

It’s also important to consider whether you want a more traditional lock and key security system or an electronic or smart lock.

Which Type of Door Lock is Best For Security?

You can’t go wrong with a keyed deadbolt if you want the most secure door lock option. A double-cylinder deadbolt is the safest option, as they are resistant to picking and drilling.

Here are more reasons deadbolts are popular:

  • The deadbolt extends farther into the frame without compromising on strength.
  • It won’t close automatically, which means there’s less chance of you leaving your doors unlocked accidentally.
  • Deadbolts are a trusted option that will even reduce your insurance premiums.
  • They have a freely rotating spindle in the center for added security.

The only issue is that they can be more tedious in an emergency because they take longer to open.

What Other Types of Door Locks are Common?

A keyed knob lock is one of the most common and offers a classic look. The lock cylinder is on the knob instead of the door, which means it’s not ideal for external doors.

Smart locks don’t require a key but instead use a digital code or smartphone and have a remote control option.

Electronic door locks use a digital keypad mounted on the door.

The problem with smart and electronic locks is that they depend on the door quality for added safety. Although they save time and are very convenient, they are affected by power interruptions. They will also need software updates and battery replacements. This can leave you locked out of your home without any way of getting in. So it’s a good idea to have a backup of your electronic or Smart Lock and the option to use a key. These kinds of locks can also be hacked, which leaves you vulnerable.

Cylindrical lever locks work similarly to a deadbolt and are also popular for exterior doors. They work well on larger doors but are less secure than a deadbolt lock.

Door locks come in a range of prices, but you get what you pay for. Cheap locks tend to erode quicker, especially when exposed to harsh weather as we get in St. Louis. So, it is worth paying a higher price for a good quality lock that will keep you secure and give you peace of mind.

Let Hawthorn Help You Get the Most From Your Door Replacement

Many decisions go into a door replacement project—things like door styles, color, glass panels, hardware, and material type.

Your door lock system is one of the most important decisions you will make during your door replacement process. At Hawthorn, we can help you decide on the best option for your home.

So, if you want to chat about the type of door lock options you have, give us a call to talk more about your door replacement project.

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