What Siding Colors and Siding Styles Are Popular Today?

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One of the biggest choices you’ll likely face when updating your home’s siding material is what siding colors you should opt for. While there are tons of options, you want to make sure you pick something that’s going to not only look nice but not be seen as picking a “fad” color, while likewise not going with anything as boring as “landlord beige”. Knowing the popular colors for today can help give you direction, while also providing a significant amount of color freedom for your personal expression.

Popular Siding Colors

When browsing siding color palettes, be sure you take into account the various shades and tones of each color that may be available in the material you eventually choose. Your siding professional should be able to provide you with chips or swatches of the colors available in your siding material. 

Modern Farmhouse

This is a classic look that will, in all likelihood, be quite popular for a long time. It consists of your standard white or slightly off-white siding, in a shiplap or similar profile. This is one of the classic looks that while traditional in appearance, still isn’t frequently seen as boring or plain. It often gives a bit of distinction to home amid other more bold color choices and can make your home stand out beautifully. 

Deep Grays & Bold Blues

These tones are going to be the perfect color grouping for homeowners that really want to make a bold color statement while keeping to muted colors instead of louder, brighter colors. Blues have long been seen as a famous American home color, from small bungalows and suburban dwellings to light blue farmhouses and similar buildings in more rural settings. Blues and grays are durable colors that hide dirt and wear incredibly well while allowing other colors to highlight trims and edges.

Green, Brown, & Beige

For craftsman-style homes, more natural colors are making a huge comeback. Originally popular in the late 19th century, and again in the early 20th-century farming towns, craftsman colorings like deep greens, smooth browns, and daring shades of beige are once again seen as some of the most popular colors for home siding materials. They often draw inspiration from natural settings, so contrasting trim options like tan or even white are a way to make a huge visual impact on those driving by.

Rustic Reds

Reds can be a very exciting color palette to work with for your new siding. It brings feelings of warmth and rustic comfort, as well as strength and value. While reds have long been the staple color for barns and other outbuildings, the range of red shades available can give even the most upscale homes a bold color option that doesn’t overstep its bounds. Not only do reds bring feelings of warmth, but it brings a brightness to your home, which boosts curb appeal and gives an almost elegant feeling. When the right shade is found, it can bring on feelings of 1950s nostalgia, and can make a great color when considering resale.

Trust Hawthorn Home Exteriors To Keep Your Home Looking Great

One of the best ways to approach your home’s siding needs is to get something that can be easily updated when needed, so that you aren’t locked in to one particular look or style, and can easily be adapted to changing trends. Hardie fiber cement siding is perfect for this. For example, if you decide that you just aren’t feeling that “rustic red” a few years down the road, just reach out to us and we’ll come out and update your siding colors anytime. 

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