What Siding Colors and Types are Popular in the Market?

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With a wide range of siding colors and types to choose from, you can customize your home. Gone are the days of white or tan houses unless that is your preference. Now, there are exciting colors and siding styles that you can mix and match to create a beautiful home exterior.

We love James Hardie siding because it is a painted product that allows you to quickly change the color of your home.

Saint Louis Has Quite a Traditional Market

The data for Saint Louis shows that white is still the most popular siding color. This provides your home with classic elegance.

Initially, Saint Louis homes used vinyl siding in shades of tan. Beige tones were the ‘safe’ choice because you can’t paint vinyl. Being a union market, vinyl was a cost-effective siding choice in Saint Louis. As you can imagine, beige vinyl became boring for contractors to install.

But, in recent years, James Hardie has grown in popularity. Not only is it more suited to Saint Louis weather, but it comes in versatile design options.

Home Décor Shows and Websites Have Sparked Experimentation

Websites like Pinterest, Houzz, and popular HGTV shows showed homeowners that they could take risks with their siding colors and types.

They also showed homes from across the country, and homeowners were inspired as they saw something different from what was on their street.

The last few years in the contracting industry have been fun. We have seen an explosion of color siding and attractive board design. It has also been exciting to challenge ourselves to make our client’s dreams a reality and help them customize their homes.

A lot of personality goes into home design now, and homeowners are taking time with siding colors and types, but also window shapes, custom glass panels, and hardware.

Some of the popular color trends we have seen recently are:

  • Deep greys
  • A range of blues
  • Dark browns and greens

James Hardie Offers Many Siding Colors and Types

James Hardie is a dedicated fiber cement brand that spends approximately $20 000 000 annually on research and development. They keep abreast of the color trends across the country and are constantly adding new options to their range.

They also partner with big names in the décor and remodeling industry, like Chip and Joanna Gaines. The Gaines use James Hardie in many of their projects. Joanna has even designed her own range of Hardie board in the color ‘Magnolia.’

James Hardie siding is a painted product, so you can change the color easily. It is also a highly customizable product, and you can choose mixed profile designs.

Here are some of the popular ways you can customize your siding types:

  • Use Hardie plank and board and batten
  • You can customize the batten spacing
  • Straight shake and Hardie shake are great for decorative areas

If you want to stick to the traditional white siding popular in Saint Louis, you can still set your home apart by combining different board styles. But, of course, classic doesn’t need to mean boring!

Let Us Help You Choose the Siding Colors and Types for Your Home

After doing a walk-through with you and understanding what you want from your siding replacement, we can help you decide on the details.

We can show you different siding color options and board designs using the latest technology to create a 3D rendering of your home. You can experiment and find a color and style that works best for your home and budget.

So, contact us to set up an appointment if you want to learn more about different siding colors and types.

Mark Moore

Mark Moore

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