What Qualities Should You Look for in a St. Louis James Hardie Siding Contractor?

St. Louis James Hardie Siding Contractor

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Hawthorn Exteriors is the premiere St. Louis James Hardie Siding contractor. We’ll show you why by providing some criteria you should use to vet siding companies.

The James Hardie brand is not easy to install, so you’ll have to locate a certified contractor no matter where you live. Since it’s not as easy as looking up names in a phone book, we’ll give you a few pro tips.

Most Important Qualities for a St. Louis James Hardie Siding Contractor

  1. They indicate their certifications and training qualifications through James Hardie Siding on their website. These should be easy to find.
  2. When you read through their website material, they demonstrate expert knowledge of the material and how it outperforms alternatives like vinyl.
  3. Good contractors have outstanding reviews and endorsements from online reviewers like BloggerLocal.
    For example, Hawthorn Exteriors earns recognition as the #1 St. Louis Siding Company, according to BloggerLocal.
  4. They focus on James Hardie Siding the most rather than attempting to be a “Jack of All Trades” with every siding material.
  5. The company gets consistent referrals from satisfied clients in St. Louis. Feel free to ask for positive referrals/testimonies when you meet with us.
  6. They won’t play games with you at cost. Instead, they’ll provide detailed written estimates of the construction process.
  7. They offer and honor good service warranties.
  8. Good contractors will give free initial consultations without a bunch of pressure to buy immediately.
  9. They realize that their bottom line depends upon a consistent focus on 100% Customer Satisfaction.

Why Are So Few Companies Qualified to Handle James Hardie?

Well, that first requirement tends to be the quickest vetting tool because so few siding companies receive training directly from the James Hardie company. Hawthorn Exteriors, on the other hand, went through their entire Installer Academy to the level of mastery. We’re one of their highly preferred contractors.

There’s a lot to cover when you look at the immensity of their product offerings. James Hardie has invented and perfected the ColorPlus Technology, HardieWrap Weather Barrier, HardieSoffit, HardieTrim Boards, and several other superior materials. Having competency with all of them requires continuous re-training, and not all companies are willing to do that.

Like anything else, you tend to get what you pay for with siding contractors. James Hardie Siding is roughly five times as thick as vinyl, and it looks much better, too. Don’t let a high price deter you, however, because we have several ways you can finance your purchase and make a beneficial long-term investment.

What Kind of Mistakes is Most Common from Poor Contractors?

We heavily emphasize finding a certified contractor because journeyman companies might make significant mistakes and leave you with inferior results. These would include problems like:

  • They use the incorrect joints for 12-foot boards. The James Hardie brand uses a different sizing system compared to other manufacturers. If you don’t accommodate for that by positioning slip joints and butt joints in the right locations, you’ll get too much overlap.
  • They do lots of sloppy nail work. It’s very common for inexperienced contractors to use the wrong nail height or improper spacing.
  • They don’t store materials properly before usage. This means that your fiber cement boards might have already suffered weather damage before even going onto your house.

Don’t take chances with shoddy workmanship when it comes to a pricey investment like fiber cement siding.

Hawthorn Exteriors: The Best St. Louis James Hardie Siding Contractor

Truth be told, you might not find very many other siding contractors that are able to do a good job with James Hardie Siding. We decided years ago to invest our company in all the requisite training and certification requirements. It’s been worth it to us to be able to put together a superior product.

Our service extends to several areas throughout St. Louis, including Chesterfield, Webster Groves, Eureka, and Ladue. We also do exemplary work on Pella windows, and ProVia doors, and possess full accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Find out all the reasons we’re the best St. Louis James Hardie Siding contractor by calling us at 636-597-6009.

Mark Moore

Mark Moore

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