What are the Characteristics of a Siding Installation Job Done Right?

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How do you know when your construction contractor has done a siding installation job properly? There are certain criteria for evaluating a finished product, most of which you can see immediately upon completion.

These are the most important characteristics of good installation workmanship.

Easiest Ways to Tell a Siding Installation Job Was Done Right

Gooding siding work should leave your home’s exterior looking spectacular even upon close inspection. These are the signs of a job well done.

  1. First of all, there are many photos of beautiful siding jobs on homes in St. Louis. Does your finished product look like one of those? There’s no reason it shouldn’t.
  2. You should NOT see any buckling or warping in your siding if they installed it neatly. Horizontal/Vertical rows should look nice and even.
  3. The siding paint should be smooth and free of splotches and other touch-up mistakes.
  4. Siding boards have adequate caulking, which matches the color of the paint, and doesn’t look bulky or sloppy.
  5. The construction crew is willing to answer questions and update you on any problems throughout the process.
  6. The contractor should make sure to clean up any loose materials and walk the area for loose nails (including around the landscaping).
  7. Your contractor should thoroughly inspect and show you everything once the work is complete. This is also where they’ll remind you of service warranties, just in case you notice small errors later.

Now, we’ll look at some of the problems you might find when you hire a less-qualified contractor.

Beware of Less Visible Mistakes

There may be certain mistakes that are less visible, but they’ll rear their ugly head somewhere down the road. A good post-job inspection will reveal most of the obvious stuff. However, you may not be able to immediately notice problems like hidden flashing between the joints or a poor job of taping down the house wrap.

When these things occur, they reduce the long-term effectiveness of the siding envelope. That either reduces the siding lifespan, leaves you vulnerable to air leakage, or contributes to moisture problems.

Common Mistakes Installing James Hardie Siding

If you elect to use an unqualified siding contractor, you run the risk of incurring several mistakes with premium brands like James Hardie Siding. The truth is that it takes more training to become familiar with how to hang Hardie boards. For one thing, they’re sized differently, which requires some adjustment.

Any contractor who doesn’t receive training/certification through the James Hardie company will have trouble getting the siding job right. This manifests in several ways:

  • They nail the boards too high.
  • They don’t reposition the gutters into the right spots (leading to water damage on the siding).
  • There aren’t enough fastening joints. James Hardie Siding has several complex patterns that you have to hook together a certain way. Failing to do this will make things look sloppy and the boards won’t attach correctly.
  • With respect to the boards themselves, it’s common to see inexperienced contractors leave a two-inch clearance over the roof.

These problems are either aesthetically displeasing or leave your siding at risk for premature fading, damage, and deterioration.

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