What is the Average Cost of a St Louis Door Replacement⁣?

St Louis Door Replacement⁣

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Hawthorn Home Exteriors offers the best St Louis Door Replacement⁣ Service, so you should keep us in mind the next time you need to replace old doors in your home. Of course, you may wonder how much a door replacement will cost you. That’s a perfectly reasonable concern, and we’re happy to shine some light on the financial considerations for getting new doors.

Major Factors That Determine the Cost of St Louis Door Replacement⁣ Service

It depends on what kind of door you want when you try to number crunch what you expect the expenses to be. They can go from anywhere between $200 and $10,000, but if we had to estimate, the average cost in America is probably closer to $1,000. This is looking at the cost of entry door installation primarily.

These are the contributing factors you need to ponder before deciding.


There are several materials you can use to create a reliable door for your home. Some of the most popular in St. Louis are fiberglass, wood, aluminum, steel, wrought iron, and composite wood.

Composite wood tends to be the most budget-friendly, but traditional wood isn’t too expensive either. Of course, when we say “wood,” there are many types of trees, some of which are quite expensive, but majestic, like cedar.

Heavy-duty materials like fiberglass and wrought iron are more expensive, but they’re worth it if you cherish the superior security they carry. Many of those doors cost over $5,000. If you own a high-end home, this might be the best option.

Don’t forget that door material also includes the interior and exterior frame, which will cost $50 to $100 in their own right.

Specialty Doors

What kind of door do you need? There’s more out there than just standard front doors. You should think about what you need for a new patio door, or something like French doors, cellar doors, and more. Larger homes might go after an exquisite double-door arrangement, which would run anywhere from $750 to $5,000.

Labor & Supplies

We can’t promise a guaranteed hourly labor rate without knowing the complexity of the installation, but typical rates for skilled contractors go from $30 to $100 per hour. The exact length of the project is hard to predict because it depends on if we have to repair or replace the framework (due to wood root or other damage).

St Louis Door Replacement⁣: Explore the Many Wonderful Door Designs & Styles

There are many grand styles for your consideration nowadays. Some ones we see most often are Craftsman Doors, Ornate Doors, and Solid Doors. Ornate doors are especially fancy, full of beautiful design patterns, and come with UV-ray-proof glass.

Don’t “DIY” on a Door Installation

Some folks are pretty handy, and they may have the urge to do this job on their own. While you could probably replace certain interior doors, it’s a different ball game when we’re talking about main entry doors. Those are not DIY projects for a variety of reasons.

  • It’s easy to make a slight mistake and hinder its performance.
  • You’ll lose significant curb appeal, especially with an ornate or expensive door, if you scratch it while trying to install it yourself.
  • Professional installation will negate much of the need for further maintenance and ensure a greater shelf life for the door.

Get the Best St Louis Door Replacement⁣ Service from Hawthorn Home Exteriors

So, if you want to eschew those problems and frustrations, then call the pros at Hawthorn Home Exteriors to do the job for you. Our guys will arrive on time, install it right the first time, and not take longer than necessary to accomplish the task.

We’re the best company in St. Louis for prompt and effective installation of doors, windows, and siding. So, if any of these door designs catch your eye, then don’t wait long to get in touch with us.

For outstanding St. Louis door replacement service at a reasonable cost, contact Hawthorn Home Exteriors today.

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