What are Siding Manufacturer Warranties and Siding Installation Workmanship Warranties?

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Not all siding manufacturer warranties are created equal, so they are one of the first things you should discuss with your contractor.

A warranty gives you peace of mind that you are choosing the product a company is willing to bet its money and reputation on.

When an excellent siding manufacturer warranty is paired with an installation workmanship warranty, you know it is a combination that will leave you with a fantastic and professional result.

Not All Siding Manufacturer Warranties are Created Equal

Each manufacturer’s warranty is different. Sometimes, lifetime warranties lose value over time.

It’s important to talk to your contractor about reading between the lines on warranties; they should be able to explain the warranty coverage in detail. Some warranties are only applicable in certain areas.

Things To Know About Manufacturer Warranties

1. Specialist Equipment

Siding manufacturers like James Hardie specify the equipment needed during installation. If your contractor doesn’t use the manufacturer-suggested tools, it could void the warranty. James Hardie is also particular about the types of nails, saws, water-resistant barriers, and touch-up kits.

2. Installation Process

Many siding manufacturers have an approved installation process for their products. James Hardie, in particular, is a tricky siding to install and requires detailed knowledge and experience. James Hardie even has preferred contractors who have been trained to install their products correctly.

Most manufacturers will provide an instruction manual for the siding, and you want a contractor who will use it even if they are siding installation specialists. This shows that they keep up with industry best practices to protect your siding warranty.

3. Maintenance

Even if your siding has a great warranty like the one James Hardie offers, it will still require regular maintenance.

As a homeowner, you may think you are doing the right thing by cleaning your siding. Still, it is vital that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and care practices to protect your warranty.

This is especially true with James Hardie siding, which requires gentle cleaning, repainting, and recaulking after 10 to 15 years. The instruction manual will specify the type of paint and the application process.

The James Hardie Warranty

James Hardie because it offers a complete, 30-year non-pro-rated, and transferable warranty. Most people live in their homes for less than 30 years, so when you come to sell, there is value that can increase your ROI.

With James Hardie’s warranty, there is no depreciation factor or false advertising. But, having worked at Hardie, I have seen the claims people have made for damaged siding, and Hardie always does the right thing.

If your siding fails within the warranty period and meets the criteria, Hardie will repair or replace the damaged section or pay out up to two times the current market value.

The caveat is that the warranty is void if James Hardie products are not installed correctly. That is why it is crucial that you choose the right contractor for your siding replacement.

Hawthorn’s Warranty

At Hawthorn, we offer a lifetime workmanship warranty. That means for as long as you own the home and there is an issue that is not the fault of the siding manufacturer, we will come and take care of it.

We will also file a claim with the manufacturer to ensure that it is not a siding defect. If it is agreed that it is an installation issue, we will handle it. Our warranty makes it worth it for us to take care of you. The beauty of siding manufacturer warranties and a workmanship warranty is that it gives you peace of mind.

Ask Your Contractor About Siding Manufacturer Warranties

The siding replacement process is daunting for homeowners because it is new territory. That is why we not only wrote a book about siding installation, but we are also available to chat with you and answer questions you have about a siding remodel.

If you want to know more about siding manufacturer warranties and how to get the most value from your siding replacement, contact us to make an appointment.

Mark Moore

Mark Moore

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