What Other Exterior Home Remodeling Projects Should You Consider With a Siding Upgrade?

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When you are considering making a change and upgrading your siding, having a team of siding professionals on-site gives you a unique opportunity to take a look at your home for other exterior home remodeling projects that might be best to tackle while the siding is off. This can include anything from cursory visual inspections to a deeper investigation of foundation or moisture penetration issues, and even major remodel opportunities like windows, doors, and even your roof.

General Inspection Of Your Property

Having siding professionals out to your home is a great chance to take a look at your home without any siding on it. This gives you a unique chance to look for any hidden damage, evidence of water or moisture intrusion, and more. Sometimes, you’ll be able to see the source of a problem that’s existed for an extended time and give you a chance to address that problem before it’s covered up again. Other times, it can simply offer reassurance that your home’s exterior is more or less healthy, and you can install new siding with the utmost confidence. 

Other Exterior Home Remodeling Projects To Consider

Here are other exterior home remodeling projects that could a great to knock out while your siding is stripped.


Windows are one of the most common things to replace during a siding replacement since they are one of the few components of the home that are exposed to both interior and exterior conditions. By replacing windows at the same time as the siding, the installers can make sure both the windows and the siding is installed perfectly and are both moisture-tight.


Just like windows, doors are a similar point of weakness in your home’s architecture, being a barrier between the outside and the inside. They are a crucial point to strengthen against moisture and the elements in general, and replacing doors or doorframes while the siding is off can allow a much tighter seal with greater longevity.


Gutters are a crucial moisture control measure for your home and can help prevent damage to both your roof and the foundation of the home. Taking the opportunity while the siding is off to replace your gutters can give you twofold protection against water buildup and moisture intrusion near vital areas of your home. 


Addressing any potential roofing repair needs can be a very smart move while the siding is being replaced. You can be sure you have the installation perfectly fit your eves and overhangs, while also ensuring that roofing also helps protect the siding from moisture and seal issues. 

Foundation Issues

In many cases, having your siding off will be one of the only times you’ll be able to see the part of your home’s construction where the foundation meets the rest of the home. Being able to inspect this area from the outside can be a reliable way to ensure that there is no hidden damage from water, pests, or vermin. If there is damage, being able to address that damage without potentially damaging the siding can be an invaluable opportunity.

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