How Do You Plan and Budget for New Siding Installation?

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A new siding installation is an exciting but nerve-wracking undertaking. Each home and homeowner is unique, which means contractors have a tough time giving you an accurate price off the top of their heads.

A professional contractor will give you all the necessary information and offer a detailed proposal to help you plan and budget for your siding installation. But they can only do this once they have met with you, discussed your wants and needs, and assessed your home and budget.

Costing a New Siding Installation is Tricky

Siding is unique to an individual home, but typically new siding costs as much as a new car.

Some factors that determine the cost of a new siding installation are:

  • Size of your home
  • Whether your house has one or two stories
  • The type of siding material
  • The siding design and color
  • The contractor you choose
  • The time of year you have a siding replacement
  • Whether you are combining exterior remodeling projects
  • The condition of the substrate and layers beneath the siding

There are so many factors that go into creating an accurate siding replacement proposal. Without a thorough understanding of your budget, pain points, and the specifics of your home, a contractor can’t accurately give you an amount.

The Right Contractor is Worth the Cost

Choosing the right contractor for a new siding installation is an investment you only need to make once.

Do your research when choosing a contractor and look for siding specialists. Set up a consultation with prospective contractors. Any professional company will walk you through the siding replacement process.

A home remodel can be daunting, and often homeowners opt for cheaper bids. Unfortunately, this will cost you money in the long run. Rather budget for the best and save yourself from siding that is poorly installed and susceptible to moisture damage.

How Does Hawthorn Help You Plan and Budget for a New Siding Installation?

At Hawthorn, we do a Needs Assessment when meeting clients about a siding replacement.

  1. We meet with the homeowner and walk around the house. This helps us understand their pain points and vision for the project.
  2. After the consultation, we put together a detailed, line-by-line proposal with financing options. This pressure-free proposal is designed to give our clients as much information as possible. They need to know what they are paying for and understand every component of the project.
  3. We discuss the financing options like cash, credit card, or home equity loans. Our financing programs are popular and include a 0% interest on short programs or standard interest rates over long-term programs.
  4. We always try to find a way to fit within your budget, and there are many ways to build a siding project. For example, we can value engineer an option that keeps costs down while still delivering high performance. Or we can go full bells and whistles.

Do You Want or Need New Siding?

If you want to update the design or color of your siding to increase curb appeal, then new siding is a want. If you are replacing your siding because it is damaged, new siding is a need.

You will need to consider your wants vs. needs when planning and budgeting for a siding installation. It’s important to discuss this with your contractor, as they will help you get the most value out of your project.

Trust the Professionals with your Siding Replacement

Putting new siding on your home is a considerable investment, but one that can add value to your home. Many factors affect the cost of a siding replacement project, but our job is to give you the best result without compromising on quality.

Contact us for an appointment and home walk-through if you need a new siding installation.

Mark Moore

Mark Moore

Founder & CEO