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When considering an exterior transformation, prioritizing quality and durability is essential. Be it a siding replacement or a window upgrade, our offerings, including the renowned James Hardie Siding, guarantee not only a flawless look but also robust protection against nature’s whims.

For us at Hawthorn Home Exteriors, James Hardie siding isn’t merely a product – it represents our dedication and expertise. After our complimentary consultation, you’ll see why it’s often our top recommendation, exemplifying quality, resilience, and aesthetic allure in home exteriors.

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Town & Country's Siding, Window, & Door Service
Town & Country's top James Hardie Siding

Town & Country's Siding, Window, & Door Service

Town & Country showcases Missouri’s refined charm, with its homes playing a vital role. For its residents, upholding exterior elegance is tantamount to boosting property value over the years.

By collaborating with Hawthorn Home Exteriors, you gain access to seasoned professionals. Our vast experience in window replacements, door fittings, and James Hardie siding installations underlines our commitment to excellence and the distinctive essence of Town & Country residences.

I’ve witnessed the vast range in the home improvement sector, from awe-inspiring results to sheer letdowns. Hawthorn Home Exteriors was conceived to redefine standards of excellence and continually surpass them.

Your Go-To for James Hardie Siding in Town & Country

As authorized James Hardie siding aficionados, our installations strictly align with manufacturer protocols, ensuring exteriors that are both visually stunning and enduring. This top-tier siding provides unmatched defense against Town & Country’s varying climates, preserving your home’s splendor throughout the seasons.

Door Replacement Contractor
Town & Country Window Replacement Contractor

Town & Country Window Replacement Contractor

Windows are vital to a home’s appearance and energy-conservation. Our assortment of wood, fiberglass, and vinyl windows, paired with expert installation, guarantees functionality and visual delight.

Explore our diverse offerings:

  1. Casement windows
  2. Single-hung windows
  3. Double-hung windows
  4. Sliding windows
  5. Bay & bow windows
  6. Picture windows
  7. And more!

We’re dedicated to unmatched customer experiences, making sure each installation resonates with Town & Country’s unique charm.

Town & Country Door Replacement Contractor

Doors bridge your private haven with the external world. We aid in upgrading to doors that elevate beauty, enhance security, and optimize energy efficiency.

With Hawthorn Home Exteriors, you navigate the plethora of options with ease, ensuring your selection harmonizes with your home’s aesthetics and practical demands. From concept to execution, we’re by your side.

James Hardie Siding


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Transparent insights into project extents, schedules, and outcomes.


Product Installation

Skillful installations, turning your dream home into reality.


Cleanup & Walkthrough

Post-project evaluations ensuring alignment with your aspirations and our quality benchmarks.

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Absolutely! It masterfully blends visual appeal with formidable strength.

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